Commercial ESS

Type EB-250 EB-500 EB-1000
Nominal Voltage 748.8V 748.8V 748.8V
Usable Energy 250kWh 500kWh 1000kWh
Number of Standard Battery Tray 8 16 32
Dimension of Standard Battery Tray 2100*575*180mm 2100*575*180mm 2100*575*180mm
Dimension of Battery RACK 1440*2100*1500mm 2880*2100*1500mm 5760*2100*1500mm
PCS Power 100kw / 250kw 250kw / 500kw 500kw / 1000kw
Cycle Life 4000 4000 4000
Dimension 3.7*3.5*3m 3.5*7*3m 3.2*9*3m
Weight 3t 5.5t 11.5t
Operating Temperature -20℃~45℃ -20℃~45℃ -20℃~45℃

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